• Institut Français IFA - Le français est une chance - Τα Γαλλικά είναι μία ευκαιρία





    Institut Français IFA - Le français est une chance - Grèce Μai 2012  - Τα Γαλλικά είναι μία ευκαιρία



    Ένα βίντεο κλιπ στο οποίο προσωπικότητες αναλαμβάνουν το ρόλο πρεσβευτών της γαλλικής γλώσσας.



    Un vidéo-clip où des personnalités se font les ambassadeurs de la langue française.

  • Supportive and Scaffolded Lesson

    While children learn by doi...


    While children learn by doing, they also learn through social interaction. Vygotsky (1962) found that children construct knowledge through other people, more specifically through interaction with adults or more competent peers who provide assistance or ‘scaffolding’ to help learners achieve more than they could on their own.

  • Creating an active and hands-on classroom

    Children are generally kina...


    Children are generally kinaesthetic learners and so want to move around the room and be active in order to learn. Touching and manipulating objects is also very important, as children learn by 'doing' and interacting with their environment. Creating opportunities for children to make things and interact with real objects, visuals and situations is crucial for their learning.

  • Clone of Interview with David Crystal

    Professor David Crystal is widely acknowledged as the world’s foremost expert on the English language. He’s published over 100 books on English, among them the Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language, now in its third edition. Professor Crystal was a keynote speaker at the 2019 Better Learning Conference at Robinson College in Cambridge. Matthew Ellman caught up with him after his talk to ask about the changing nature of English and what it means for teachers – here are the highlights.