Autumn ’20 Virtual IP Exhibition


Autumn ‘20 Virtual International Publishers Exhibition

The Autumn ’20 International Publishers Exhibition will welcome the audience for the first time virtually. The exhibition will be accessible anyplace in the world from Saturday 5 September 2020, 08.00 until Sunday 6 September 2020, 21:00 EEST (Athens Greece Time Zone).

During the two-day event 36 presentations from over 50 internationally recognised speakers located all around the world will offer visitors useful information and updates regarding the latest trends and changes in Foreign Language Teaching. 31 publishing houses, examination boards, teacher training centres and software companies will compose one of the most promising world-wide FLT events.

In addition to the presentations mentioned above, 2 panel discussions both on Sunday 6 September 2020, 16:00-16:50 & 17.00-17.50 EEST accordingly, will uplift this educational event in the most enlightening way. The first panel, on “How can knowing about the brain transform learning?” with Rachel Marie Paling (Spain), Dr. Curtis Hart Kelly (Japan), Terry Small (Canada) and Maria Laura Fuentes (Argentina) will focus on the fact that the more we understand the brain and emotional triggers, the more we can help our learners. The second panel, will discuss the results of 4 Townhall meetings that will take place the previous day with members from Teachers' Associations on “How the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted teachers and teachers’ associations around the world and how they are preparing for the new school year”. The 4 Townhall meetings will cover the regions of a) South-Eastern Asia and Australia, New Zealand, b) Europe, Middle East and Africa, c) Central and South America and d) North America.

Access to the Virtual IPE, is free of charge for all foreign language teaching professionals - school owners, academics, teachers in the private and public sector, bookstore owners, students etc. Visitors can register using the link below:

A copy of the detailed programme can be downloaded from our website