ELTons 2016 winners

Here are the winners of the ELTons for 2016.

Details of the winners

The British Council Lifetime Achievement Award

Catherine Walter

Catherine Walter is known by many thousands of teachers and students worldwide as a teacher, lecturer and researcher, most recently as University lecturer in Applied Linguistics at the Department of Education and Fellow of Linacre College, University of Oxford and Vice-Principal of Linacre College (until 2015), as well as Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Education, University of London, and at academic and teachers’ conferences in over 30 countries worldwide. She is perhaps most renowned by the global ELT community, as the writer of many significant resources on the bookshelves of classrooms worldwide. These include: The Cambridge English Course, The New Cambridge English Course, The Good Grammar Book and How English Works (co-written with Michael Swan). Over the years, her expertise has been sought by the Bell Educational Trust, the British Publishers Association, the University Council for General and Applied Linguistics and the British Council. Catherine Walter has a passion for equality, holding welfare, equality and equal opportunities positions at the University of Oxford and the Institute of Education. Catherine Walter was also the first female chair of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) and then president.

Excellence in Course Innovation


Paul Dummett, Lewis Lansford & Helen Stephenson
National Geographic Learning with Cengage Learning

Innovation in Learner Resources

Literacy for Active Citizenship

Rose Ades, Tinhinene Cheloul, Ilham Sadi, Nazma Shaheen, Lee Yoon Teng & Valona Renne-Thomas
Learning Unlimited LTD

Innovation in Teacher Resources

Digital Video – A Manual for Language Teachers

Nik Peachey

Digital Innovation

Movies: Enjoy Language

‘Movie Team’ of Archimedes Inspiration, a.s.
Archimedes Inspiration, a.s.

Local Innovation

Teaching English in Africa

Jason Anderson
East African Educational Publishers Ltd.

The Macmillan Education Award for New Talent in Writing

Academic English for the 21st Century Learner

Aylin Graves


ELTons Awards 2016