44th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention

A Message from the Chair of TESOL Greece
Georgios Chatzis

Dear TESOL Greece Members and Honoured Guests,

On behalf of the TESOL Greece Board, it will be my great pleasure to welcome you to the 44th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention “Reflective Practitioners – Empowered Learners!”, which will take place on March 11th and 12th , 2023.

After two years of holding the Convention online, we are very excited to meet again face-to-face. This year we welcome Dr. Nayr Correia Ibrahim, Dr. Jenny Liontou, Dr. Herbert Puchta and Russell Stannard as plenary speakers, as well as 50 presenters covering a wide range of interests.

The Convention marks the culmination of a year of TESOL Greece events, and it is an opportunity to connect with others and to learn. This year’s theme is about how we, as teachers, can empower students through reflection. Reflection is one of the cornerstones of our development as professionals and student empowerment embodies core values that TESOL Greece Members share. 

As TESOL Greece Chair, I would like to thank all the members of TESOL Greece for their continuing support, our sponsors for making this convention possible and the members of the TESOL Greece Board, SIG coordinators and staff, for their hard work throughout the year.

Best wishes to everyone and we are greatly looking forward to seeing you at the Convention.

For Eleni, who will be with us in spirit.

Georgios Chatzis

TESOL Greece Chair

44th TESOL Greece Annual International Convention