Spring ‘24 International Publishers Exhibition


International Publishers Exhibitions

Spring ‘24 International Publishers Exhibition


The Spring ‘24 Athens International Publishers Exhibition is ready to welcome the Foreign Language Teaching (FLT) audience of Greece on Saturday, April 13th and Sunday, April 14th, at the cosy and familiar Divani Caravel Hotel.

Life is all about development, adaptability, evolution. For those to be accomplished several steps are required. There comes a moment when a step is larger than the others and its significance is greater. One of those moments for education is now!

As AI enters the classroom, teachers of all levels face a new reality and are expected to transform their daily teaching in order to emphasise on emotional intelligence while including the great advantage of technology.

Once again, the International Publishers Exhibitions (IPEs), with the Spring ’24 Athens IPE, will offer the latest insights on educational trends through presentations and a vast variety of materials exhibited. With 44 organisations composing the exhibition - and with some of the most well-known franchises participating for the first time - it will definitely be an exhibition that makes a difference. The seminar programme will once again cover an extremely large number of subjects, bringing the visitors a step closer to development, adaptability, evolution.

A new era for education has started and we invite the Greek FLT community to join it.

Entrance to the exhibition and seminars during exhibition hours if free of charge for all foreign language teaching professionals.

You can download the detailed programme & register for the event at www.ip-exhibitions.eu