Strong foundations + innovation = publishing success


You’ve all heard of National Geographic – the magazine, the channel, the explorers. Perhaps you’ve also heard that your colleagues are teaching English with materials from National Geographic.

National Geographic Learning, a part of Cengage, is a specialized publisher of materials for teachers and learners of English. To create relevant and contemporary materials for the English Language Teaching classroom, we partner with National Geographic, and with TED. And National Geographic Learning has strong roots in Greece, where you would once have known us as New Editions.

Over the past seven years, our partnerships with National Geographic and TED have helped us to build on that strong foundation and to become National Geographic Learning. We have retained the experience and successful publishing from New Editions, and those can still be seen in the innovative and award-winning materials you see in our catalogue.

Our goal is to the bring the world into your classroom, and to help you bring your classroom to life!