Helbling - Marbles

Helbling - Marbles Herbert Puchta, Gavin Biggs, Anna Osborn
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Senior D/B1Senior C/A2Senior B/A1Senior AJunior BJunior APre - Junior

Ready to roll!

MARBLES, the brand-new six-level course for young learners based on the whole-child approach, brings the outside world into the classroom.

MARBLES blends real-life topics with exciting storylines and videos to keep interest and motivation levels high and develops language competence and builds Learning for life skills while students have fun and grow in confidence.

  • Stories, songs & videos help make Vocabulary and Language memorable.
  • Focus on phonics with catchy songs, chants and song videos.
  • CLIL sections and Act Smart! values promote social, emotional and global learning.
  • Let’s talk feature highlights functional language and fosters speaking skills.
  • Imagine & create projects foster collaboration, creativity and communication skills.
  • Reviews round off each unit with reflection on learning and self-assessment.
  • Exam preparation practice type activities and focused pages for Cambridge A1 Movers and A2 Flyers.

Six Level Course A Junior - B1

Components :
Student's Book
Student's e-Book
Teacher's Book
Grammar Βook
Alphabet Βook